About Us

The Artist:
 I'm emac, and I paint.   Infact,  I go to school for painting. (BFA)  I collect cats.  This is an  outlet to sell my paintings and prints.  My favourite people are  Hunter S. Thompson, Edward Gorey, Elvis Presley,  and Tim Burton.

The Witch:

Hi! Beadorh here; the witch of the collective. I hope to share my truths throughout the blog along with countless tales of Mojo the wonderdog..who just ATE my knitting or how lavender tastes awful in spaghetti sauce but taught me to value of labeling my herbs. I am a student of the art of magic and strive to find delight so I do things that ignite my senses.  Sparking the creative juices, I make incense, soap and a few other things I have found to be helpful on the physical or spiritual plane.
Welcome to our site!  May you enjoy visiting as much as we are enjoying creating it.

The Druid :

Hi,  I'm Feather.   You might wonder how an everyday ordinary 40ish woman got such a strange name.   The answer is,   it came to me.    One day this past summer, it seemed everytime I looked down on the ground, there was an other feather.    I consider myself a Druid, and as a Druid, pay attention to the natural world around me.   The first feather was a pigeon feather,  and I noticed it and kept going.   Later that evening,  while hiking up on Nose Hill, I found another feather.  Its either an owl or eagle wing feather.  I took the hint.
I learned to knit and crochet from my grandmothers when I was a little girl and have amused myself now and then with all kinds of crafts and creations ever since.  The last few years knitting fever has overtaken me, and by now, everyone on my gift lists have enough hand knit socks.   Crescent Moon Collective is the next level of the creative process.   I especially love starting projects with no plan and just see where the creative spirt, the Awen takes me.

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