Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Rayne's Emporium: Going to the market

Wooden Ganesha

Here are more items destined for the Calgary New Age Market this weekend.    Rayne has been busy sewing and bundling all kinds of goodies up for our table at the sale.  

Sleeping bags for My Little Ponies (work in progress pic)

Faerie Sleeping Bag (work in progress)

Pamper yourself packs - Dead Sea Salt, Essential Oil, and candle

Wooden Owl Whistle
Meditation Pillow
Frame Drum
Square Meditation Pillow
Handmade Tarot Bag
Faerie Dust and Rayne's special handmade Faerie stepping stones.
Sage and Feathers
Pamper yourself
Medicine Bags
Magic Rune Bags
Essential Oil Diffusers
Dead Sea Salt

There was more but you will have to come to the market to see!

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