Thursday, 7 April 2016

More for the Market

A few more pictures of what we are taking to the Calgary New Age Market on Saturday.

Felted Cauldron and little Succulent (photo by Angelamermaid)

More Tarot Card Decks

Rune Bag

Sage blessing our creativity
Candle holder
Essential Oils Difuser

Sage and sand burning kit

Felted Vintage Sweaters Tarot Bags
Felted Blue Kitty and Felted Goddess Doll

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Seeds and Cards to the market

Ginger is bringing a basket of gardening potential to the Calgary New Age Market from her organic garden in south west Calgary.  These seeds are carefully harvested and kept ready to plant in the spring.    Calendula, Kale, Red Spinach, Marigold, Bee Balm, and Echinacea,

Organic Garden Seeds from Ginger's Garden

I have been sending some of Angelamermaid's postcards for a few years now through ,  Here are some that she is bringing to the market.

Angelamermaid postcard

Angelamermaid postcard

Angelamermaid postcard

The Market is this Saturday.  There is just time now for finishing details.  (of which there seem to be many)

Blessings of the Season

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Rayne's Emporium: Going to the market

Wooden Ganesha

Here are more items destined for the Calgary New Age Market this weekend.    Rayne has been busy sewing and bundling all kinds of goodies up for our table at the sale.  

Sleeping bags for My Little Ponies (work in progress pic)

Faerie Sleeping Bag (work in progress)

Pamper yourself packs - Dead Sea Salt, Essential Oil, and candle

Wooden Owl Whistle
Meditation Pillow
Frame Drum
Square Meditation Pillow
Handmade Tarot Bag
Faerie Dust and Rayne's special handmade Faerie stepping stones.
Sage and Feathers
Pamper yourself
Medicine Bags
Magic Rune Bags
Essential Oil Diffusers
Dead Sea Salt

There was more but you will have to come to the market to see!

Getting ready for the market

Crescent Moon Collective will have a table in the Calgary New Age Market, April 9th in the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Centre.   This is a monthly market, and a group of my friends are all putting 'things' onto the table for sale.

We will have such a variety, which will change every month.   

For this month there are postcards, local gardening seeds, (both of which I do not have pictures yet)

I have  focused on wool, knitting and felting.   Here are some initial pictures, to start the ball rolling.   The next few posts will show more.

Goddess Dolls, felted wool dryer balls, Felted Cauldrons with Succulents, Druid bags all hand made by Feather (me)

Knit and felted wool wise owl

Close up of a felted cauldron

A wave from a Goddess Doll

Wool Dryer Balls

Felted Bangles

I have also made tarot bags out of the felted wool sweaters...   more pictures to come.
~ Feather