Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Moonlit Oak Cowl Knitting Pattern

Finally, I have come in from the summer forest and settled back down to winter work.  Knitting is so much more fun when it is cold outside.
I have finished editing the Moonlit Oak Cowl pattern and published it on Ravelry.

Moonlit Oak Cowl

I am just finishing a pair of socks for a friend,.. the knitting is finished, just have to weave in the ends!  This is actually becoming a favourite task, as it means everything is finished!   I will post pictures of them next.
Also, I have been studying the tarot!  It is so interesting, with many many facets to examine.

Last week I took a 1 day stained glass class.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.... and   before that, I just finished an 8 week pottery class.    Yep,  have been crafting....

I hope everyone is well, and of course,  HAPPY KNITTING!

~ Feather ~

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