Monday, 30 November 2015


Here is something fun to do and a good cause,  actually a couple of good causes.    I have signed up for a knitting event held January 31, 2016.   The timing is good, as the end of January is usually pretty bleak.   It is about the time when I really am tired of winter, and yet there is a lot more winter to come.

The Knit-A-Thon Raises money for a yoga program for kids,  sick kids,  and then the knitted hats, mitts and scarves are donated to street kids.  You can read more about it by following my link below.

Knit-A-Thon - Susan McDonald

I will be looking for donations, and for knitting buddies.   Are you in?

Winter Blessings,


Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Narly Knit

Aloha, Hola, Good day, Howdy

-25 C this morning.  Time for the woolies

Simple pattern but I had to backtrack lots.  October had lots to knit together I guess. Good nuff.

Then I moved on to these and they were a blast to create after I hit my groove! 

Not sure if that is a blurry picture or its just my eyes.

Off to shovel the drive

Blessed Be

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Moonlit Oak Cowl Knitting Pattern

Finally, I have come in from the summer forest and settled back down to winter work.  Knitting is so much more fun when it is cold outside.
I have finished editing the Moonlit Oak Cowl pattern and published it on Ravelry.

Moonlit Oak Cowl

I am just finishing a pair of socks for a friend,.. the knitting is finished, just have to weave in the ends!  This is actually becoming a favourite task, as it means everything is finished!   I will post pictures of them next.
Also, I have been studying the tarot!  It is so interesting, with many many facets to examine.

Last week I took a 1 day stained glass class.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.... and   before that, I just finished an 8 week pottery class.    Yep,  have been crafting....

I hope everyone is well, and of course,  HAPPY KNITTING!

~ Feather ~