Thursday, 2 April 2015

Weaving fun on a Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle Loom

How about some weaving, just for fun?     I am so fortunate to have this loom, given to me by a friend who decided it just wasn't her thing anymore.    Well, not one to let an opportunity for some new crafting material go to waste,  I dove right in.     The first thing I did was take an online weaving class at Craftsy.  The first project was a scrap yarn scarf - perfect when you have lots of left over yarn!

Scrap fingering weight sock yarn scarf - WIP

Now I know what warping a loom means, and what weft is. I can warp and weft with the best of them,  and, for some reason, saying  warp and weft always makes me smile. It is some kind of secret cheer yourself up code. Try it!  Say  'warp and weft' quickly 5 times over. I am sure you are smiling now.

Off the loom but not soaked yet - WIP

My second project, also from the Craftsy lessons was two soft cotton dish towels.  I have been using them ever since they came off the loom,  and bought enough cotton to make many more. (see how quick the stash builds up?) As I wash them they shrink a bit, and get more absorbent. Maybe they will eventually shrink into tiny doll sized towels, but in the meantime, I like them!

Cotton dish towels

Erin asked if I could make a Burberry Scarf, and, as you know,  not one to back down from a challenge, I answered in the affirmative.  Then I checked online to see what a Burberry Scarf looked like, and ordered some yarn. 

This is my interpretation of the classic British scarf. You can see the weaving colour pattern is much more complicated that the first scarf, but a challenge is always good. I am learning lots, especially how to make stripes!

Warped up and ready to go!
Plaid means lots of colour changes, and lots of ends to weave in. However, weaving in ends is much easier on a loom than it is on knitting needles!

I am happy there is a stand for this table loom. First I sat on a dining room wooden chair, and like Goldilocks thought it was much to hard. Then I tried positioning myself on the edge of the couch, and like Goldilocks thought it was much to soft.  But, by then, the scarf was finished! The search for the best perch will continue with then next project.

Fauxberry scarf - WIP
I think it turned out well,  although not like an authentic Burberry Scarf.  I used fingering weight yarn and a 15 inch loom. I can only imagine what kind of looms are in a woolen mill. That is something I have to see in person someday! (added to the bucket list)

Woven fabric is so much different than knit fabric.  We all KNOW this, and that is the fundamental difference between jeans and yoga pants. It is just amazing to actually compare hand woven to hand knit fabric and be amazed at how un-stretchy weaving is.

Fauxberry scarf completed

I have quite a bit of this same yarn left over,  so it is quite likely there will be other "black tan red and white" scarves in the near future. The fun part is each will be different, and possible even free form. I guess we will have to wait and see how it develops.

Creative Spring Blessings!
~ Feather ~

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