Tuesday, 7 April 2015

#Belowtheline I am going below the line!

This week I have been thinking about fitness and health, exercise and weight loss, and bang! something shiny caught my eye....

I just signed up to participate in the Below The Line Poverty Project.   The details are here:  https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/stormarela
The challenge is to survive spending $1.75 or less daily, for food and drink for 5 days,  Apr 27th to May 1.  Good thing I like oatmeal.
What better way to pay attention to what I eat, and bring awareness to world poverty, and raise money for charity too?    I have signed up to support Tin Roof Global,  which provides and protects water at home and abroad. In Canada they  provide much needed water solutions to First Nations communities and deliver water stewardship workshops to youth in Canadian schools. Abroad they provide critical water systems to rural Ugandan schools.

The information kit gives some help in preparing to eat/drink on $8.75   for 5 days:
Live Below the Line Shopping Guide
This guide will help you build an LBL shopping list of food to get you through the week and stay on budget. Prices will vary slightly around the country and you can comparison shop to get the best price in your area. Check out websites that compile local flyers for deals in your town or city. Don’t forget to include protiens like eggs, nuts or lentils. They’ll help keep you feeling full!
Choose one or two carbohydrate options, this will be a mainstay for lunches and dinners. You can also mix and match, ie: buy half the amount of pasta and half the amount of rice.
3 lbs potatoes – $0.60 (10lb bags are often just $2.00 – divide by 5, $0.40 per person!)
1 box of pasta or rice noodles - $1.70
Rice – 1 lb (Makes about five ½ cup servings) - $1.00
Porridge or eggs are a good option if you are taking the challenge solo. If you’ve got a team to share with, items like bread and peanut butter are great for spliting
Rolled Oats – 250g makes 5 porridge portions – $1.30
Toast – 1 loaf has about 20 slices, great for sharing – $2.75 ($0.92 per person if split 3 ways)
Peanut butter – $3.00 for a small jar ($1.00 per person split 3 ways)
12 Eggs – $3.42 ($1.71 if you share)
Yogurt tub - 750 g - $1.79
Side Dishes and Sauces:
1lb dried beans or lentils- Chickpeas, romano, kidney - $1.80 excellent for sharing or buy less in bulk)
Frozen vegetables – $1.50 (frozen is good option to make your budget go further!)
1 can pasta sauce - $1.50 (canned sauce tends to be cheaper!)
Choose a snack to tide you over through the day. You can also make  homemade hummus if you buy chickpeas.
1 lb apples (approx. 8 large) – $0.99
3 lb bag of carrots (great for sharing!) - $1.29 ($0.43 per lb per person)
Crackers – 1 box - $1.87
Pita bread - $1.85
Salt/Pepper/other seasoning - $0.10 each for a week supply
I would love to hear what you think about this,  and what advice you can give me.  Even better would be if you accept the challenge too!

To be honest, I didn't even think I could live for one day on $7.75, let alone 5 days.  It is going to be tough. Just thinking about going to knit night and not ordering a  fancy tea or coffee?   Absolutely no fast food will be allowed.

I used to be good at living on a budget, but haven't even tried to do so for years.  This is going to be a very good exercise.  As you can probably imagine, I am flipping back and forth between excitement for the challenge, and dread for being hungry!  What have I done?

Food for thought
~ Feather ~

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