Sunday, 29 March 2015

It is test time for the Moonlit Oak Cowl

Finally!  It has taken me longer than I like to get the pattern written up and into a pdf.  I rather knit that type.
Moonlit Oak Cowl with optional Chubby Oak Tree - by Susan Elizabeth
What you see above is the finished cowl.  I knit it using Morning Bright Holistic Merino DK in Moonlit and Oak colourways.   I LOVE these colours.  In fact,  I dreamed them up and asked Becky Foster,  my favourite super cool yarn dyer if she could dye yarn to represent moonlight, and oak trees. Oh yah,  of course she can!   Etsy listing for Oak   Etsy listing for Moonlit

The test is on ravelry, here: Moonlit Oak Cowl pattern testing if you are interested in joining in or following along.  I am happy to say there is a discount for Morning Bright Yarn given to the pattern testers.

There is an age old 'rule' that you can't use variegated yarn for fair isle knitting.  The design  doesn't really show up well unless the yarn colours are strongly contrasting.    I am here to break the rule.  As you can see above,  the oak tree is a bit hard to see at first...  because of the variegation of the background yarn.   I am going to knit the cowl again, using a different tree shape to see how it works out.    It is great fun trying to see just which way works the best.

Here are some pictures of the finished cowl:  
First, a quick selfie, in which I forgot all the selfie tips and tricks to make yourself look fabulous....

Moonlit Oak Cowl

Secondly, the cowl modeled by my inspiration.  This is the Burr Oak tree in my back yard.  We planted it a while back for Mother's Day.   Every once in a while it gets decorated with ribbons and wool.  Today it has a cowl.  As you can see it is a skinny tree, like the tree in the cowl.  :)        I am a bit concerned for this tree, as over the winter,  it has become a favourite lunch spot for a woodpecker.  
 I'll have to take some more pictures of all the 'peckering'

Moonlit Oak Cowl in a Burr Oak tree
This is a swatch of the 'chubby oak' which I will knit up next.

Chubby Oak Swatch

And this is Erin's cat Sid.  He doesn't usually look so insane,  but, that is how it goes sometimes.  It is hard to get the best pictures all the time.   LOL.  Sid needs a hair cut.  He is like fluffy alpaca now.

That is all for now.  Spring is on the way, and I have knitting to do,  and, well I have a couple of knew patterns in my head that need to be written down before I forget.  The first one is crescent shaped shawl and the other one is a light and airy Cobweb Lace Stole.   There is never enough time...

~ Feather ~

oh,  ps.   I am having fun with  Tumbler!  you can find me there as  Frozen.Feather.Storm

Sunday, 8 March 2015