Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Mermaids anyone?

My friend Angela,  the photographer whom I am always  mooching photo shoots from happens to like  Mermaids.  I guess it must be hard to photograph Mermaids,  as now she is digitally drawing them.  It seems to be faster to draw your own than to wait for a photo op!   And,  add in the fact that we are landlocked here on the prairies, it just makes sense to be creative.

You can see Angela's Mermaids here: Enchanted Mermaid Treasures , along with an entire collection of other peoples Mermaid inspired art, postcards, and things.

Enchanted Mermaid Treasures by Angela
Enchanted Mermaid Treasures by Angela

My Irish Grandmother used to tell me that mermaids were just seals sitting on rocks, and that the sailors only wished they were beautiful women in the sea.  This is the same Irish Grandmother who told my sister and I tales of Fairies,  Wee Folk, and of Giants.   Those, of course, were real.  Mermaids were not.    There,  I said it.  Lets see what kind of controversy this stirs up!

Frolicking in the Sea Blessings,

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