Sunday, 1 February 2015

Felted Crystal Soap and Medicine Bag

Beadorh's Crystal Soap and Medicine Bag

Allow yourself to magically attune to crystals like never before while in an intimate space of no secrets. 

Wash away density while this rich soap soothes and cleanses your skin

The soap is handcrafted from simple natural ingredients

Canola Oil - rich in vitamin E and K to help reduce the signs of aging;  Coconut Oil - an excellent moisturizer, easily absorbed to soften, smooth and promote healing; and Cocoa Butter, the ultimate moisturizer, readily absorbed into the skin enriching it with calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, iron, and Vit E; lye and water (lye + water + oils = soap)

Within, lie treasures cleared and charged by a Reiki Master

Obsidian - grounds,  protects, realigns, and aids in transformation,  Root Chakra
Carnelian - releases stress and trauma, enhances creativity, repairs the subtle body, Sacral Chakra
Tiger's Eye - powerful protection, soothes both physically and mentally, builds confidence, shifts energy, Solar Plexis Chakra
Rose Quartz - releases emotional stress, inspires feelings of love, uncovers underlying density associated with perception of self, Heart Chakra
Blue Sodalite - stabilizes emotions, clarifies perceptions, expands awareness, encourages peace and contentment, Throat Chakra
Clear Quartz - amplifies and strengthens the whole aura, cleanses and shifts energy, sharpens clarity and awareness, Third Eye Chakra
Amethyst - aids in integration, balances polarities, brings about a spiritual calm, aids in meditation and sleep, Crown Chakra

A perfect combination of healing crystals to clear and balance your chakras and soothe your soul. Your crystal soap has been felted in a bed of organic sheep's roving, making it both antibacterial and a great natural exfoliant along with extending the life of your soap. When the soap disappears, let the remaining "unique to you" sealed medicine bag dry. This powerful talisman, holding crystals attuned to you, makes a wonderful addition under any pillow allowing you to absorb the restorative essence of crystals while in a peaceful state. It tucks in pockets, drops into purses, or can hang around your neck allowing you to carry the support of the universe with you through your crystals however you choose.

Direction for use
Get the soap good and wet and rub it into a rich foamy lather, scrub and repeat until squeaky clean. Rubbing the felted cloud of bubbles weaves the fibers tightly together, ignites a subtle bond with the crystals inside, and exfoliates in one fell swoop. After use, rinse and squeeze the felt tightly to the soap inside.  Allow to dry between use. 

Blessed Be

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