Monday, 12 January 2015

The left turn hat


Ever had a plan all visualized in your head about how things are going to unfold only to set out and get broadsided?  Welcome to the story of my hat.

I started it using a pattern I used before from Ravelry only decided to use super bulky yarn rather than worsted weight. The idea that maybe I didn't need to cast on 85 stitches didn't occur to me until I had two sections of cabling completed on the band! Eek! I figured it might be ok since I was going for slouch and felt quite optimistic. Sigh.  I adjusted my vision of said completed hat and ended the banding.  It would be original if nothing.

Feeling like I had diverted an emergency, I carried on with confidence with plans to adjust the cabling as I went. Here is a picture of where I was when I ran out of wool. 

Off to the wool shop only to find that there was no more white wool.   What to do?
I went home and began ripping.  I loved the white so thought maybe I could do a bit of white and maybe something else. 
Here's the complete hat.. Large enough for the biggest head!

I found a pattern for mitts and went to town

Anyway, at the end of the day, a nice set for winter and lesson learned.  Not what I was expecting but then life rarely is. 
Blessed Be

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