Sunday, 16 November 2014

StarPainter Shawl and StarPainter Fingerless Mitts!

Today is the release day!  My latest knitting patterns are now available on Ravelry.

StarPainter Shawl

StarPainter Shawl - by Susan Elizabeth

 StarPainter Fingerless Mitts

StarPainter Fingerless Mitts by Susan Elizabeth

It has been lots of fun designing these patterns.   The testing went well with the group at Ravelry, and now with some luck, the patterns will be popular!

The beautiful yarn, Starry and Night is available in Morning Bright Yarn's,  Etsy shop:   Starry  and  Night

The mitts use about  150 yards of fingering weight yarn and knit up quickly.  I'll be going through my left over bits of yarns now and see how many of these I can make.   They are nice for gifts,  and will look really cute in all different colours!

Also,  in knitting news,  the test knit for the  Late Harvest Cowl is coming along nicely.  The testers are almost finished.  I used super wonderful Alpaca yarn from  A to Z Alpacas for this cowl.  It is so very soft and warm.   I have plenty more yarn, so will be making more of these.
Late Harvest Cowl by Susan Elizabeth

 I am working on another cowl at the moment too.  It has pine tree shaped cable columns ... I will post about here soon enough.  That is all for now in knitting news.

In back yard news however, there is more.  We have snow, of course, and it has been very cold for the last week or so.   There is a pretty brown tabby cat with with white feet and nose hanging around.  She is shy, but I was able to pet her once.  I am putting food out for her and leaving the garage door open  so she can get out of the weather.  I realized that since I feed the birds, I have to feed the cat too,  or else the cat will just eat the birds.   The plan is to catch her and get her to a vet and then the Meow Foundation.      In the meantime, I am calling her Lucy.  If, she is actually a he, then maybe Luke....

The funniest thing I saw the other day at the bird feeders....    A wood pecker, (I think it was a Downy Woodpecker) Fighting with a Sparrow.   It was a one sided battle.  A word of advice to any sparrows out there.  "Think twice before messing with someone who bashes his or her beak into a tree all day..."

and with that, we are done for today.
Stay warm, and be kind to the wild life,  put some seeds out for the birds if you can.

Warm Winter Blessings,
~ Feather ~

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