Tuesday, 18 November 2014

November's the sockiest month

November's chill is in full swing so I've decided to spend much of the month bundled in a ball of wool.  Knitting soothes the soul and seems to knit together other aspects of life as a person weaves their creation.

Here's a picture of the Hermione everyday socks.  (Not sure what happened with the colours in that pic but my legs are both the same colour...errr closer anyhow) Feather provided the wool last year so I am finally making good on our challenge.  Better late than never.  I finished them last week and dove into another pair.

The socks above are a basic ribbed pattern (k3p1) from Wise Hilda with a twist.  I used the same pattern for the heel as the Hermione socks because that one is easy for me to work the gusset. It sounds like I know what I'm doing hey? 

I should have enough wool to keep me busy until Christmas.  Stay warm everyone!
Blessed Be

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