Sunday, 2 November 2014

Felted Crystal Soap

Inspiration hit a while back and I went with it.  Do you remember a post a while back where I cleared and charged some crystals in sunlight?  Well, there was a method to my madness.

Crystals connect with us..their energy brings balance, healing, clarity, protection, love and amplifies our connection to source and some amplify the other crystals in their presence.    

I found in order to develop my awareness of the subtle energies that crystals carry, time was needed.  What better time to establish a relationship with your crystals then laying back in a bathtub or the early bird shower to wake up your day, the body enjoying a good scrub.  Can't get much more intimate than your soap so placing the crystals in the soap just sort of was the next logical step.

Crystals immersed in soap.  No fragrance, no colours, just natural pure soap.  Canola oil, coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, lye, water.

Next, felting.  Organic sheep roving.  Pure, antibacterial, natural exfolliant.  Soap lasts longer when its felted but it's important to let the soap dry between each use.

The neat thing about felted soap is that as you use the soap it continues to felt the wool.  By the time the soap is finished, you are left with a small sealed pouch containing crystals you have already established a relationship with.   At that point, you can poke a couple of holes in it, run a cord through it and wear it around your neck or put it under your pillow and allow the crystals to work their magic while you sleep.

I think that recognizing your relationship with your crystals is unique and truly your own, seems to me the creation of the medicine bag should also be as unique as the one using it.

Anyone interested in trading one creative endevour for another? If so, drop a line.

Blessed Be

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