Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The story of Grace

The middle of March, I had a visitor arrive outside my window.  What a beautiful new friend. Amazing to see her up close.  I called her Grace although had no clue how to tell if Grace was a she or a he.  She just looked like a girl to me.

Grace started visiting often, perching herself by the window.  She didn't fly away when I approached, but remained and looked in at me.  I think she was as curious about me as I was about her.  By mid-April, her mate arrived. Here's a picture of him investigating the plastic owl on the roof.  Little did I know he was actually taking inventory of the willow nest; building supplies for their new home.

It wasn't long before they began to unravel the nest and drag it to its new location.  They spent hours and hours at it and that started my summer of Bird TV.

Before long, Grace and mate had their new home tucked in the corner under the eave.

Bird TV took on an adult theme mid-May.  What started with kissing, (ah cute!) evolved rapidly into something else.  Umm..time for privacy so I closed the blinds but at last I knew, Grace was female.

I watched Grace and her Mate switch off sitting on their new nest over the summer.  Both often sit perched on the eavestrough looking in at me.  We've had more than one conversation.  haha

Here is a video of their little one's first venture out of the nest.  I suspected a baby and this was our first glimpse. (My first video and no thumbs!)

Blessed Be

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