Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Nose Hill prairie flowers

There is more than just grass on the hill. 

I don't know the names of all these plants, but have decided to get a guide book and start learning them. 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Rafu-Sen Shawl is released with a Knit Along

Just a few notes:

  • Rafu-Sen Shawl pattern is here:  Rafu-Sen Shawl Knitting Pattern
  • Rafu-Sen Shawl KAL is here: Rafu-Sen Shawl KAL
  • The 15% off Discount Code for all my patterns is:   RAFU-SEN  and is valid now until the end of day, July 17, 2014
  • Becky Foster of Morning Bright Yarn has donated the prize for the KAL.  The winner can choose a skein of yarn from her Etsy shop, here:  Morning Bright Yarn
Rafu-Sen Shawl by Susan Elizabeth of CrescentMoonCollective.com
Rafu-Sen Shawl by Susan Elizabeth of CrescentMoonCollective.com

Okay, that catches us up on the shawl news.

I am also working on a pretty drop scarf called  Alban Hefin,  which is a Welsh name meaning Light of the Shore and refers to the Summer Solstice.  The scarf is being tested now, and will be released next month.   I plan to wear mine to the Calgary Folk Festival,  in two weeks!

Alban Hefin Scarf by Susan Elizabeth of CrescentMoonCollective.com
Alban Hefin Scarf by Susan Elizabeth of CrescentMoonCollective.com

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.   Around here, the weather has been hot lately, and knitting seems a bit of a strange thing to be doing,  however, that does not stop me.   Knitting and ice cold beverages and friends under patio umbrellas is just as good as knitting with hot coffees and fire places.  Its all a matter of perspective.

This past month has been fun, with trips to the East to A to Z Alpaca Farm (I have a post half finished all about that), to the North to the Olds Fibre Week Market  and West to a closing sale at Knit and Caboodle Yarn Shop in Canmore.    Of course each trip included a car full of knitters,  a yummy lunch, bags and bags of yarn purchases and lots of laughs.     To complete the compass,  a trip has been planned to go South, to Waterton Lakes National Park .  This is a weekend camping trip, with knitters, of course.   I am not sure where we will find yarn, but there is no doubt we will.  

Now, back to a lazy summer evening of watering the container garden and eating cherry tomatoes!


Stargazing Mermaid: Contest!

Stargazing Mermaid: Contest!: I've been putting some postcards online for sale, and I ordered a bunch to check the print quality. In fact, I ordered extras to give a...

If you are interested in Angela's beautiful photography,  now is a great time to have a look and see what she has posted on Zazzle    She has a contest going that you just might like to win.

Angela is one of my friends that I met at the knitting group I belong too.     She is currently even testing a pattern for me.  (more about that in the next post)   oh, and more about the pattern release of Rafu-Sen Shawl.......

stay tuned!

Happy Summer!


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Garden pics


Cherry Tomatoes with bird beak prints



These pics have been in a draft post waiting and waiting for me to write something exciting to go with them.   In an effort to keep things moving, I have decided to let the plants speak for themselves.   Take your time,  listen carefully.  The will probably tell you something about being dedicated to the blog, dedicated to the garden, and not to spend all my time knitting and driving around in the new shiny red car.
In my defense, I would mention something about remembering to water them daily, and thanking them for the blooms...

Summer Blessings!