Friday, 23 May 2014

The Oak Awakens

It is going to rain, I think. The sky is getting dark and the air is heavy and humid. Today the oak leaves came out. They are tiny little ruffles of green to decorate the rough branches of the little tree in the centre of my backyard.
Bur Oak - Crescent Moon Collective
Bur Oak

Tomorrow I'll have a dandelion salad and then mow the grass. Next it will be time to plant my little container garden and start hoping for a delicious harvest. 

Lady Bug on the Oak Leaves - Crescent Moon Collective
Lady Bug on the Oak Leaves

Dark Skies - Crescent Moon Collective
Dark Skies

Emac and I planted this Bur Oak on Mother's Day several years ago.  Someday I suspect it will outgrow this space.  At that time I hope whoever lives here chooses to take the garage and house down to make room for the mighty tree.  There is plenty of time to worry about that, maybe hundreds of years!  In the meantime I will keep watering it!

Blessings to you all, from under the oak,

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