Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Porcupines and Fruit Salad

Spring has been taking its own sweet time to arrive, again and again. I know that happens every year, but somehow I seem to forget how the game goes.
Every Tuesday evening I walk on Nose Hill with friends. I complain about how steep it is, until I get into the walk, the fresh air and the "scene". Last night was no exception. We were treated to a new sight, a tree top pair of prickly porcupines.  It was really interesting and I   have to do some research now.  They were what looks like in the process of killing the tree, munch munch munch.  Growing up on the prairies instilled a dislike for these tree killers...  
Porcupines up a tree on Nose Hill - by Feather
Porcupines up a tree on Nose Hill 
Porcupines up a tree on Nose Hill - by Feather
The surprisingly tall tree is in a little valley
Porcupines up a tree on Nose Hill - by Feather
Porcupines eating the buds and bark from the tree.
I'll report back what I find out about them 

As usual the knitting never stops.  This is the fourth Sixty Bushels shawl I've knit to date. I call it Fruit Salad and am trying a longer more narrow shape on this one. The pattern will be ready to release in about a week, keep watching, there will be a coupon code for a free download. Three of the testers have finished and the other four are getting close to being finished as well.  So far they are reporting it is an easy knit.

Fruit Salad - Sixty Bushels Shawl - Crescent Moon Collective
Fruit Salad - Sixty Bushels Shawl 
. I am looking forward to getting pictures up of all the finished shawls. Already I have several ideas in the works for the next project.  How about a hat?

~ Feather

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