Sunday, 25 May 2014

Clearing Crystals in the Sunlight

Crystals love the light of the sun and moon.  A summer ritual around here is to clear them outside in the bright sunlight and with the wonderful weather we've been experiencing, today was perfect!

Thought I would share the moment.

My new garden box. Planted twice thanks to Mojo the wonderdog and his zest to discover what I had buried there yesterday.

I've found that crystals are cleared and charged in the sunlight where all I have to do is be open to what the crystal brings and recognize that.  Simply put, crystals bring about balance for me. 

As a kid, the day the gravel truck arrived to gravel the farm driveway was the highlight of many summers on the farm.  It was a treasure trove that would take the rest of the summer and then some to investigate as it contained zillions of the most amazing rocks, none exactly the same.  I named my first beloved dog after the man who delivered the gravel.  Doesn't the earth create the most beautiful things ever?

Anyway, crystals hold the universes subtle energy. They assist in the healing process at the root level on the physical, spiritual and emotional plane through subtle energy that IS the crystal.   Crystals are a great way to bring awareness to yourself of the earth's subtle energies.  They clear a home and keep it cleared but occasionally benefit from their own clearing and recharge.  Perhaps we all need to be reminded of the beauty that surrounds us.

Obsidian (root chakra)

Carnelian Agate - (belly or sacral chakra)

Tiger Eye (solar plexis chakra)

Rose Quartz (heart chakra)

Sodalite (throat chakra)

Clear Quartz (third eye chakra)

 Amethyst (crown)

A Herkimer Diamond Quartz, a truly magical stone

Blessed Be


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  1. I can feel the light and energy though the pictures! I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to feel them in person!