Sunday, 6 April 2014

Zentangles and a new shawl pattern

How about some weekend eye candy.  I was lucky to go to a Zentangles class with friends   It's a great way to get your mind thinking differently and the to stir up the creative juices.
Zentangles by Feather of Crescent Moon Collective
Zentangle drawings 
Our instructor had  us making cool drawings right away.

Here is a quick peek at my current design. It is a knit shawl, one skein of fingering weight yarn.  Details are here:  Stubble Field   More to come on this soon!

I hope everyone had a creative weekend!   Oh,   by the way,    I put out some  whole cranberries, this evening,  for the Robins.  I am not sure if they like them or not, but I read they like berries.   If I see wild turkeys coming for the cranberries there will be trouble!


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