Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sunflower sprouts, spiders and a bird

This has been a tough week.  Even posting this post seems to be a technical challenge!

These sunflower sprouts are destined for my back yard in another month.   In the past starting seeds indoors has never worked out for one reason or another.   So far, these determined little sprouts are a testament to perseverance.  I love the tall giant sunflowers, but these are small bush type plants.  Hopefully there will be beautiful sunflower pictures to post later this year.

Sunflower Sprouts - Crescent Moon Collective
Sunflower Sprouts

Even though not much is green outside, I do have some green plants inside.  These "spiders" are from a plant emac brought home from grade one or two for Mother's Day.   That original plant lived behind my kitchen sink ever since.   I even slipped another little spider plant from some one else (I recall that story),   Finally, after almost 10 years,  there are so  many little spiders to share.   the Mother's Day plant is variegated and the other one has plain dark green leaves.  I think they look good together.

Spider Plants - Crescent Moon Collective
Spider Plants

As I walked by the front window, I saw the little chickadee and actually had my camera in hand!   I think you can see him in the centre, eating a sunflower seed.  

Black Capped Chickadee - Crescent Moon Collective
Black Capped Chickadee

And of course, I have been knitting!

The Knit Along for the River Shannon is going well!  The pictures are starting to come in, and they all so very pretty.  See for yourself here:  River Shannon Knit Along at Ravelry

The Test Knit for the Sixty Bushels is progressing nicely too.   You can see the process here:  Sixty Bushel test knit at Ravelry     I am so grateful that there are test knitters!  

That's all for now.    I did stay up last night to watch the Full Moon Eclipse.  It was spectacular.... I saw Mars, and  big shiny full moon slowly disappear into shadow.  Then the cloud cover filled in and nothing more could be seen.  I fell asleep before seeing anything else..  So tonight I have to check to see if the moon has returned. 

That's all for now, again.

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