Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sixty Bushels Shawlette

When inspiration hits,  go with it.  I hadn't planned on making a long narrow garter ridged wheat crop looking shawl,  but I did.  It was a perfect confluence of events.    First,  I couldn't resist buying the yarn, with its soft harvest yellow and gold colour.  I bought two skeins of it, just in case I needed both.  Next I started playing around with garter ridges,  since I had made 4 full stockinette stitch shawls in quick succession.  I needed some  texture.  After that,  and a few adjustments,  Stubble Field was almost completely knit.
Stubble Field Shawl by Feather of Crescent Moon Collective
Stubble Field Shawl

Durum wheat on Section 2 Willow Creek Farm Ltd.
Durum wheat on Section 2 Willow Creek Farm Ltd.

I found this wonderful harvest photo and  emailed my Dad to  inquire about it.  Here is the what he said, "Durum wheat on Section 2.  Probably sixty bushels per acre."
Ahh,  "Sixty Bushels",   a perfect name for the pattern!  I had been calling it Stubble Field, but for some reason, it just wasn't cutting it.

The pattern is being tested now, and in about a month will be available here and on ravelry!  Stay tuned!

While I was taking pictures today,  I saw a lady bug.  I am sure she or he was just waking up, as the snow only really has been gone since yesterday!   A little black capped chickadee was following me from tree to tree, chirping his song, but he didn't pose for a photo!

 Backyard Ladybug - by feather
 Backyard Ladybug

The grass doesn't take long to get green again.   I had a good look around the yard,  and saw a few leaf buds on the trees, but they will be a while before opening.

Sixty Bushels Shawlette on Virginia Creeper - Crescent Moon Collective
Sixty Bushels Shawlette on Virginia Creeper
There is warmth in the sun again, and soon all the plants will be 'back to life'.    

Tonight, I am going hiking with my friends on Nose Hill.  It will be good to get back at it...

Happy Spring!

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