Monday, 7 April 2014

Medicine Bag for Crystal Healing

A few years ago..hmmm, 6 years ago, I landed in a "middle aged crazy" and "are you out of your GD mind" space.  Still recovering from a very long year of treatment for cancer, I decided it was time to learn to ride a motorcycle.

I know, the logic escapes me too!

Totally exhilarating space by the way, amazing after a tough year to feel that alive and free.  Wow.  I am grateful for that experience, however short.  Anyway, my motorcyle career came to an abupt end while flying over a 4X4 truck.  Had plenty of time while travelling through the air to question my hobby of choice!  A very good leather jacket not only protected me from the chill that goes along with motorcycling at times, it saved me from what would have been, insane road rash from a 30 ft skid down the pavement.  The medicine bags I make are from my leather gear, the gear that protected me so well on that day.  The leather is strong and really stands up to wear. The prototype has been tested on a hard working carpenter for well over a year under what I consider to be grueling conditions. ;-) Hubby's medicine bag holds his wedding ring along with crystals: amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz, tiger's eye,orange calcite and apache tear.  Does a body good.

Crystals not only heal at the soul and physical levels, but they also assist to bring an awareness of the universe's subtle energies, something we were aware of as children but have placed in the "imagination" catagory when we reached adulthood and began fully playing the game of illusion.

Anywhooo, some pictures:

I made this one today.  A gift for a friend :-)

This time, because I wasn't sure the length needed, I used a slip knot so its adjustable.

Blessed Be


  1. Good for you. As a cancer survivor and motorcycle rider myself I congradulate you on surviving hell I love the bags r they 4 sale?

  2. Oh yes, I believe Beadorh will be making more medicine bags for our store!