Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Handcrafted Felted Soap

Hola Googlers and Googlettes

Have you ever used felted soap? It's the neatest thing! Wool is exfoliating and antibacterial.  Felted soaps last and last and you get a built in washcloth. The lather is insane!  As the soap gets smaller, so does the felting, leaving you with a small pouch when the soap is gone.  I think it would make an awesome medicine bag but haven't tried it yet.  It's important to air dry felted soap after each use, the same as unfelted handcrafted soap actually as neither contain the hardening agents mass produced soaps do and will dissolve quickly if left sitting in water.

 I start with handcrafted cold processed soap made by yours truly :-)

The soap is made with canola oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, lye and water.  I don't use fragrance nor colorants in my felted soaps.  Sweet and simple.

Once the soap is cured,  I wrap it in wool roving (from 100% Saskatchewan Organically raised East Friesian Sheep) and begin the felting process.  Once the soap is felted white, it dries overnight on the rack and then the fun begins with design time using a needle felting technique.

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