Friday, 28 March 2014

Yarn ends for the birds! and, they are back!

I feed the birds in several feeders in my frond yard and back yard.   The usual visitors include  house finches, sparrows, black capped chickadees, a pair of northern flickers  and a downy woodpecker or two. There are also magpies, a couple of pigeons and a raven that stop by now and then.   Sometimes there is a squirrel, and always there are rabbits.

Yesterday,  emac noticed something bigger, so I quickly looked out, thinking maybe it was a robin  ( I have been waiting for them) but now,  it was something else.   Something kinda  fat with a short tail and speckles, definately not a robin. We took some quick as possible and not really very good pictures and  I looked at  ( my first choice for bird info).There he was  a European Starling.   I saw two yesterday and again today.

European Starlings - Crescent Moon Collective
European Starlings

This afternoon another visitor, and this time it is a robin. I saw him first and have to admit jumping about singing  A Robin, A Robin, I see a Robin.   Well, it is quite special, the first robin of spring.  Even though it has been snowing all week, the robin is back in my tree.

Robin and Sparrow - Crescent Moon Collective
Robin and Sparrow
The migratory birds are back,  the birds are back ...   you can sing it if you want...    (think of  The Boys are Back in town,  the boys are back in town  ... by Thin Lizzy )

All winter, I have been saving the  cut off ends of yarn for the birds, and now and then hanging them out side on the little tree by the front door.   Its a bit of colour in the winter,  not quite an actual decoration, but something to catch your eye.   I tell myself  the birds will use these bits of yarn in their nests, and think to myself that maybe I will see some colourful birds nests in the spring and summer.

Last week, I saw this very cool blog post about something similar, only much better than just hanging the yarn on the tree.  This post includes pictures of  an Alpaca Nesting Ball and this DIY Guide shows hot to make a Grape Vine Ball for nesting birds.

I want to make something myself for the birds here,  and  today, crocheted a little  net ball with some scrap sock yarn and stuffed it with yarn ends, wool roving, and a bit of alpaca roving  ....

Crocheted net ball - Crescent Moon Collective
Crocheted Netball 

Crocheted net ball - Crescent Moon Collective
Close up of the crocheted net, yarn and wool for stuffing

And here it is,  stuffed, and hanging on the tree where I can see if the birds are interested in it at all. If I was a bird, I think I would love to line my nest with pretty colours and soft warm woolly fluff!

I am sure my neighbors will be wondering whats hanging on that tree now!

Crocheted net stuffed with yarn, wool and alpaca roving for the birds
Crocheted net stuffed with yarn, wool and alpaca roving for the birds

I will have to get a picture of the little house finches.  They are so pretty now, the males have their pretty red feathers.    In the meantime I am listening to them sing and chirp, making me sure  spring must be on the way.

Birdy blessings to all,
~ Feather ~

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