Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tuesday Night Drawings

Hello kitties

Even though it is reading week, and we get a week off of school, I still find myself drawing and painting. I literally can't stop. So here are a few pictures of what I've been making tonight. Nothing too special or large scale, just practice drawings. 
Ever since I started making art when I was oh probably 3 I have always drawn people and portraits, this is the character "Wanda Woodward" from the musical. Cry Baby. 2H pencil on plain white paper. 
I don't think I will finish the hair. 

This is a strange work in progress I'm not even sure what direction it's heading. 

Also today I started working on this flooded forest. 

I know none of these look finished, but they're all kind of studies for possible larger scale work in the future. But for now I'll continue sipping my whiskey and coke, listening to the Rockey Horror Picture Show soundtrack and continue drawing. 

It feels like spring is finally emerging from it's warm bed, so hopefully I get to go drawing outside. There are some nice trees I've been wanting to draw. 



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