Friday, 7 February 2014

This is not a selfie.

Knitting, as magnificently shown by AGNES, above,  can be done by a robot,  but people still love to knit, and  wear hand knit things.  Even the  Industrial Revolution with all its factories and machines, did not replace hand knitting.   The time spent with the yarn, slowly working along the needles, moving between the knitters fingers; the thoughts and plans of what will be made, who it will be for, and  even the hours spent choosing the pattern and colour of the yarn all impart something to both the knitted item, and the knitter herself(himself).  Some little bit of the crafter's intentions are entwined with the yarn, stitch by stitch,  to be felt in some way by the wearer.   Knit with love.   Can AGNES do that?

What are your thoughts on this?

~ feather ~


  1. As a self-proclaimed process knitter, I love each and every step of knitting a project (ok except the sewing in of ends!!) Perhaps it helps to be a tactile and visual person? Great post!

  2. I agree! especially about the sewing in of ends... hence a lot of fringe on my projects!