Monday, 3 February 2014

The transformation that is felting

This bag, which I call the Spring Druid bag, with its bits of green grass poking through the old gray snow, is now drying in front of my fireplace.    Its knit with 100% Virgin Wool and looks like this first:

Knit  Druid bag, before felting
Before Felting knit bag
The bag, all loose and floppy gets a wonderful plunge into warm soapy water, and loving massage...   Actually,  I rub it and squeeze it, shake, agitate, and pretty much just bother it until it cannot hold out any longer.  The fibres quickly move, change, rearrange and  grab onto each other. It is a magical process, one that I never get tired of instigating.      It doesn't take very long, and then,  it looks like this:

Knit  Druid bag, after  felting, still wet
Felted Druid Bag

The weather is changing here again,   its getting colder and I make sure to put birdseed out everyday for the little sparrows, house finches and chickadees.    Sometimes it seems I am feeding an awful lot of them.

They are so hungry!  The birds are not the only ones who come to my front yard for something to eat.

In the evening, the jack rabbits clean up the left overs!   This one came early,  before it was really dark out.  Later at night,  there are  3 or 4 more winter white  jack rabbits nibbling away.    I am sure there are more creatures too.    emac saw a little mouse hopping across the snow in the back yard a week ago.

I've joined the Down Home Blog Hop at Tilly's Nest.

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