Sunday, 16 February 2014

Social Knitting Anti Social Knitting

There is a difference.

I knit a couple times a week with friends,  over coffee and laughs.  Its a real good time.   But,  it can be hard to actually knit while you are laughing and sipping/chugging back cappuccino ( or peach mango smoothies).   Sometimes you are tucked into the dark shady recess at the back or the back room of  Weeds  (my favourite coffee shop for all afternoon knitting)  and you can barely see the stitches.    So,   what do we do?  We have  projects just for  social knitting.    Projects with memorizable stitch patterns,   easy to knit without looking. Easy to start and stop with out losing your place.   The projects that are always in the bag, ready to go out for public knitting.  Some people call them  'TV knitting'  but TV is not my thing...   COFFEE is.

The Cerridwen Cowl is perfect social knitting,  its easy...  4 rows plain knitting and 2 rows of ribbing...   with or without a cat  watching...

Cerridwen Cowl - by Susan Elizabeth
Cerridwen Cowl
 Socks can be perfect for social knitting.  They are small and easily tucked into a bag, carried with you at all times, in case there is a hands free moment for knitting.   These socks are going to be knit plain.  2 by 2 ribbing for the cuff,  plain knit legs and foot, and maybe a fancy eye of partridge heel...     I knit socks on  two cable needles.

Hand Knit wool socks - Crescent Moon Collective
Hand Knit Socks
If there is   Social Knitting,  there must be  Anti Social Knitting.    As much as I love the simpler social knitting projects,   I  ADORE complex patterns.  They take me forever to complete,  but sometimes,knitting a tricky pattern is the perfect way to distract a busy mind.  I love taking some quiet alone time to work a row or two of a charted pattern.  Lace and Stranded Knitting projects are what I pick up when I know I have the time to be absorbed in their complexity.

I am on the last clue of Follow Your Arrow.  The knitted on edging is beautiful, but has been giving me a run for my money!  It has lace,  short rows, and is 639 rows on the edge of the shawl.   I can't wait to finish, its going to be fabulous.   Currently it is wonderfully complex.

Edging - Follow Your Arrow - Crescent Moon Collective
Edging - Follow Your Arrow

The body of the shawl is ready,  just waiting, all scrunched up on the needles.  Its going to be very pretty when its blocked!

Follow Your Arrow - Shawl - Crescent Moon Collective
Follow Your Arrow Shawl

Here is a WIP shot of the Secret Garden Mitts I have been working on.  I love them.  They are soft and cushy, and are just my size.  All that is left is half of the left mitten and the both thumbs.
Secret Garden Mittens

I have a few more works in progress,   and will show them as I work on them.

Maybe the best social knitting project I did lately is the Mini Mania Scarf.   I think 6 ladies in our knitting group are working on the same pattern, and yet they all look different.      We can talk, drink coffee and  do the linen stitch,  sharing little bits of sock yarn.     It deserves a post all of its own.

What are your favourite social knitting projects?

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