Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Knitting a leaf or two

It only makes sense. Anyone can knit a square dish cloth or face cloth.

Cotton Hand Knit Leaf Shape Face Cloth
Cotton Hand Knit Leaf Shape Face Cloth

Spring is coming (eventually) and with spring comes leaves.  I have decided to knit several different leaf cloth patterns with the hope of finding the one I like the best or designing one myself. I already have a few skeins of green cotton and can easily get more if needed.
I prefer knitted cloths for washing my face and use a scrub brush in the kitchen.  Until today, however I was just using plain old square ones. Not anymore, from now on it is going to be leaves.  This one is  called Veined Leaf  by Cynthia Combs

Hand Knit Leaf Face Cloth
Pretty Leaf Face Cloth

It's very pretty but maybe too small for what I have in mind.  4" x 8".  It is the right size for removing eye make up. 

Next up:

Hand knit cotton wash cloth
Leafy Washcloth WIP

This one is wider and made of garter stitch. It is called Leafy Washcloth by Megan Goodacre.   There is also stockinette stitch leaf pattern to try.

There are several other leaf patterns on Ravelry (not just face cloths), so I will have lots to  test..  I think I will also test out some knit with hemp instead of cotton.

The Ultimate Gardening Book by Carole McGlynn
The Ultimate Gardening Book by Carole McGlynn

The Ultimate Gardening Book by Carole McGlynn tantalizes me about this time every winter. The pictures fill my mind with such plans and dreams for the backyard.  Sometimes I follow through sometimes I don't.

This year I am going to plant something tall along the side fence.  Holly Hocks are at the top of the list so far.  A raised planter would be nice all along the fence....

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Happy Knitting! ~ Feather ~


  1. your leaf washers are so pretty! Wishing you lovely spring garden dreaming.

  2. Thank you Lily, I am so looking forward to spring!