Friday, 17 January 2014

Sweet Orange Swirl Soap

Yesterday, temps around here reached a balmy +4 C (39 F) so I opened the windows and let the fresh air fill the house.  What a great soap making day.  Thought I would snap a picture of the totally awesome soap molds I use.  I think we made ten.

I made CP soap yesterday using 50% Canola Oil, 30% Coconut, 20% Cocoa butter.   Added the orange fragrance, divided it in two at thin trace and added a bit of orange colourant to one half.  I think the scent of oranges moves stagnant energies out the door, the whole place felt lighter when I was done.

I tried for a swirl but am not too thrilled with the results.  I am using a retro fitted plastic hanger for that but am on the look out for something that works better.  Just starting to work with the swirls so maybe with more practice it will come.  

Off to think about the next batch :-)

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