Sunday, 26 January 2014

Snow Flowers or Hexi Puffs

Happy Sunday,  and Happy Birthday to my Dad!
What could be more happy and cheerful than bright colours in a crazy random sprinkling of soft, puffy, cuddly woolly, squishy hexi puffs?

I have been working on the  Beekeeper's Quilt off and on for a couple of years.   I have at last count 570 hexi puffs.  (hexi puffs are the little stuffed knit hexigons)     It started out  being a way to use up left over bits of sock yarn.     Then, it became an online social experience,   trading and swapping bits of yarn and hexipuffs too)  I have knit hexi puffs here and there and every where.    Even Dr. Seuss himself would be impressed.  Eventually, this  colourful conglomeration will become a bed quilt for emac.   She has been wondering when it will ever be finished....  (good question)

Hexi puffs live in various stages in our house.  Some are completed, and tied together in the big bunch.  Others are completed and tied together in bunches of 7,  like little flowers.  I did this so I would be able to rearrange them a thousand times for fun...   And, still others are little singletons, stuffed into a bag waiting to be tied.  They didn't make it to this back yard photo shoot.    I do have enough sock yarn scraps again to knit up some more hexi puffs... production never really ends it seems.

Possibly the most amazing thing is the number of people working on this pattern.   There are 6686 projects listed on  Ravelry for the BKQ by tinyowlknits ..    And,   I would think, many more that are not even listed.

I am just imagining all the  fun locations I can knit and take woolly hexi puffs pictures from this year.  Maybe that's weird, but there are at least 6 thousand hexi puffers out there who would agree with me!  Who knows,  maybe  Hexi Puff Selfies will become a trend.     Ha Ha...

~ Feather ~


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