Monday, 27 January 2014

Silly Switches

Hola Surfers

Thought I would share one of my creative meanderings with you.  A few years ago, while scrubbing the switch covers, it occurred to me that light and plug covers are like blank canvases and there are several in every room of the house just waiting for flair.  Might be weird but its my place, I can be weird here. I started in the kitchen and figured at worst, if it failed miserably, I could be standing at the nearest hardware store with a $1.49 replacement cover.  It was worth the risk.  Taking them all off right then and there was probably not needed as its slow putting them back up so instead of boring covers, I have no covers!  Here's a couple all finished and back on the wall.

I stared by painting the base on this one black..then just doodled.  Covered it with a clear coat and walla.

I had some fun with this one.  Dipped tissue paper in watered down white glue and went to town.

Blessed Be


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