Friday, 3 January 2014

Mystery Mitts and a confession!

I have to admit it,   I love  mystery knit-a-longs (KALs)

Every few months it seems,  I see another one that I just cannot pass up.   How it works is a designer advertises a MKAL for a shawl, or hat and people sign up,  purchasing the pattern.  (usually around $4 or $5), and receive a materials list althogh no picture of the item we are going to knit.   Then,  once the KAL starts,   each week, another portion of the pattern is released (digitally) and all the participants  knit like  crazy to finish that section before the next clue is released.    Usually it takes about a month to get all the instructions,  and   often,  I finish the item on time,  but,    sometime,  it takes me MUCH longer to finish.    I have 5 finished mystery shawls.

Even though I have 2 unfinished mystery shawls,  I got  caught up in a  new MKAL.  This time, for Mittens  There are  over 400 people at Ravelry  participating.   Its fun to see the finished results,  as everyone uses different yarns.

The pattern calls for  5 colours of  fingering weight yarn (sock yarn).  I have 3 already that I want to use,  but will have to find 2 more...  ahhh,   a trip to the yarn shop!..

The first clue is for the cuff, and is going to be very pretty.   It is complicated, but not too difficult corrigated ribbing,  with 3 colours, and little cables too!   My only concern is to not knit it too tight!

So now,   we try to guess what this pattern is going to be.    The two other colours to get are a very dark blue/brown/black  and a very pale white, light blue, or light pink.      The  designer gave a little hint with this picture:

So,  my guess is a garden theme...  roses of course!

I will keep you all posted, and hope to finish the mittens before winter is over.

~ Feather ~


  1. I'm not a friend of pink but in this mittens I love the pink dots! Really very interesting colours! Have a good year 2014!

    1. Thanks for the compliment.. I like those pink dots too. I am working on the next section now, and am amazed how cool the pattern is. :)