Sunday, 26 January 2014

Lightening up with Lemon Swirl Soap

I was feeling a bit heavy with the energies of January and felt I needed to clear the air.  What better way than to literally clear the air?   First step, I picked the front windows to clean, which led to the casings. I scrubbed them like a mad woman.   In order to clean the casings, I needed to remove the blinds and clean them, which led to the cleaning the walls surrounding the windows. I opted to stop there before the house became a huge hydrosol experiment.  Scrubbed with TSP, rinsed and dried, the place feels better.  We've raised three teens here and I can still smell body spray in the basement as a result so I've opted for cleaners without fragrance. I just want clean not coated. At least I can look one direction and not see the need to clean..until spring then its high gear! Sitting in a freshly scrubbed room feels so good to me.

Anyway, thought I would make some lemon swirl soap to capture the moment.  Something about lemons is so uplifting isn't it?  So...on with the energies of air...soap style ;-)

Canola, coconut, palm, shea and the fragrance and colour of lemons.

and off to cure



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