Friday, 17 January 2014

Introducing: Brigid Goddess Doll, ready for Imbolc

One of the  Amethyst crystals from yesterday's post here is now safely tucked into the belly  of   my first of hopefully many  knit and felted  Goddess dolls.    I chose the Amethyst  stone for its healing powers and drew a little diagram of what I intended to make.

I knit with  100% pure baby llama fibre,  it is so soft and extremely feltable.  For stuffing,  I used 100% wool roving that I bought from PaSu farms a year ago.    I had a basic idea and started at the bottom,  working my way up the body, with no idea of what the finished size would be.  One of the charms of hand felting is its unpredictable results, especially regarding the amount of shrinkage.

As I knit,  I stuffed the body with the wool  and slipped in the crystal.

As you can see the doll was quite large at this stage,  the knitting loose with stuffing visible.  (maybe I should have added  more stuffing).   I kept knitting, and sewed up the openings.

This is the doll completely knit and stuffed,  just before I took her for her warm water bath and massage.  As you can see,  her arms are nothing like my original drawing.   This goddess has long magical arms and fingers,  perfect for hugging and what ever else she might like to do with them.  Her hands are not bound together!

Here is a picture of the doll,  mostly felted, soaking wet, and  in front of the fireplace for drying.   All this time,  I thought I was making  a Cerridwen doll, to be decorated with the Awen symbol.  However,  I was wrong.   While I was sitting in front of the fireplace, holding,  rubbing and agitating the doll (necessary for felting)  I received a very direct message.  "I am  Brigid". 

It should have been obvious to me,  with Imbolc only a few weeks away, that  Brigid  the Goddess of Fire, would be my first doll.

It took several hours of hand felting and most of the day drying in front of the fire place before she was done.  I needle felted a Brigid's Cross on her belly,  as her only decoration and think I am finished now. If not,  I am sure she will let me know what else should be done.  

Goddess Doll
I will continue to knit and tweak the pattern,  starting next with Cerridwen.   All in all, I am pleased with the results, and looking forward to discovering more about Brigid in time to celebrate Her at Imbolc.

~ Feather ~

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