Thursday, 2 January 2014

I could barely contain myself waiting for the unmolding.   I wait until the molds feel cool on the outside or the soap has reached the gel stage. (24 to 48 hours)  Anyway, this was the first time using the silicon molds AKA bakeware so I was really curious.  Challenging to slow the cooling process with the flexible sides on these molds.  I am used to wooden loaf molds.  My indulgent husband made me 10 wooden molds and I have a pretty good set up on how to cool them slowly.  The mix is 30% coconut oil, 50% olive oil, 20% shea butter *Nut allergy sufferers beware...shea is part of the nut family.

I love watching the colours develop.  I used a soap colourant called Amethyst. 

This looks like the perfect size for felting to me.

Cake anyone?

Mom used to get 16 pieces out an Angel Food cake???

Palm trees or aliens?

And now they cure for about 6 weeks while they dry and the colour fully develops.  The raspberry aroma is crazy in the room.  It fades too fast but that's the price one pays for natural fragrance.  By the time its ready to use, it will be subtle, magnified a bit once its wet. 

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