Friday, 24 January 2014

Follow Your Arrow to the Hot Toddy

I could have titled this post,   "Yes, another MKAL Mystery Shawl Knit along" ... but I thought we would all soon get tired of that shenanigans.    So,   yes,  it is another MKAL, and it is a shawl,  but this time it is accompanied with a recipe of sorts.

First of all,  the MKAL is  Follow Your Arrow by Ysolda Teague  and  I have completed the first two clues so far.    This shawl is quite interesting.  There will be  5 clues,  and each one is actually a choice between 2 pattern options.   The result is there will be  32 different variations possible.  I just could not resist jumping in on this knit along,    and,  of course, I had ample yarn in my stash to choose from.  The details are on my ravelry project page.

Now, to the Hot Toddy bit!   The first one I had ever tried was at my sister's house this past Christmas.  Those ones were delicious,  with  rum and butter, honey and hot water.  (I think that was all)...  Tonight I decided I should make myself something delicious and for some strange reason,  I wasn't thinking about chocolate, but a hot toddy.  I checked some online recipes,  and found there are many variations.  Rum, Whiskey, Brandy can all be used.  black tea, green tea, sugar, honey, lemon, ... it seems anything you feel like stirring in will work.

I didn't measure (maybe that is why it is so wonderfully rich and delicioius) but  started with  honey and lemon and  rye whiskey.   I added in hot black tea, and a spoonful of  margarine.  This just might be the beginning of a new tradition.

Those are my  boxing week special purchase.  Knitting styled mugs and a tea pot.  They were marked down to about a $1 a piece.. how could I resist?

Also, in the  how could I resist category, is Pixie.   She apparently can't resist sticking her little pink cat nose into the frame anytime she hears a camera click.    There we have it,  the perfect picture,   cat, knitting,  cute teapot and a Hot Toddy.    Enjoy!

Have a good weekend everyone!

~ Feather ~

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