Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Cleansing Crystals under the Full Moon

Today I purchased these 5 Rose Quartz and 5 Amethyst crystals to be used in my next felting project.  Emac picked out an Ice Selenite crystal as well.

Before I can use the crystals in my project,  they are going to spend the night tonight out under the full moon for cleansing.   There are many different ways to cleanse crystals, including moonlight,  sunlight,  spring water, salt water.

Tonights full moon is spectacular,  the sky is clear and dark.    Living in the city almost always means most of the stars are not visable, but the moon has no problem shining brightly.

Here are the crystals,  on a piece of pottery emac made, sitting in the snow under our tiny oak tree.  

Tomorrow morning, before the sun is up, I will bring them, all cleansed and ready to used. (I won't spoil the surprise yet... you have to wait to see what I am making with them!)

~ Feather ~

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