Thursday, 23 January 2014

Blueberry Swirl Soap

Today was unmolding day for the blueberry swirl.  The house is filled with the aroma for blueberries and its making me hungry! I used canola oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and palm oil (environmentally sustainable source).

I like working with canola oil more than olive oil truth be told.  Canola is grown here and has some pretty wonderful anti-inflammatory qualities along with being high in the omegas, a great moisturizer rich in Vit E.  Great for the colour of the soap too! Coconut oil gives lots suds and is a wonderful cleanser along with being a fantastic moisturizer that hardens the soap. It's really wonderful on dry itchy skin but overdoing the coconut oil in soap can be quite drying to the skin because of its great cleansing properties.   Palm oil adds to the suds and is super moisturizing.  It helps to harden the soap and is very mild on the skin.  I can't say enough about Shea butter (part of the nut family), amazing on the skin.  Anyway, I used 40% canola, 30% coconut, 10% shea and 20% palm.  Used a soap calculator (as always) to ensure I was good to go.

I scented the whole recipe, adding the colorant to only one half.  I layered the soap going in the mold and the swirl went better.   Here's some pictures of the unmolding and cutting.

A picture of the parchment paper lining the mold.  Lining is a really important step.  If you don't focus on making crisp corners, the soap won't look as nice.


Now off to the curing rack for them and I am off to dream about the next batch.


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