Wednesday, 18 December 2013


I suppose I am not the only one who gets great ideas at 2:00 am on the night of a full moon.  And,  this is the night of a full moon:  according to it is named the  Full Cold Moon,  aka  the Full Long Nights Moon.   This is   interesting, we all know  a long night is the perfect time to have these middle of the 'long' night  bright ideas,  don't we?

So, enough about the full moon,  what are these ideas ?

Knitting ideas of course.

It started simply enough..    What else should I, or could I, knit for Christmas gifts this late in the season?  ...   Jump ahead  to me  browsing though the eye candy offering of patterns at ...  so many to choose from ...     thinking about the yarn I already have in my 'stash'  ( a few bags and plastic bins full of the most delicious and tempting yarn, stuffed into a closet ) ...  considering who's names are still to be to crossed off my list...  and factoring in colour choices and yardage avaiable and of course  time.... eeek!      

and it hits me... not like a flash, but softly, like a ball of yarn, ...  forget about the list.    why not just start at the yarn end of the equation  and see what each skein in the stash  wants to be made into and then decide what to do with the knitting masterpiece  afterwards....  oh yes, this is a great plan..  save money by knitting up the wool on hand....

of course,  I can finish crossing names off of the Christmas list at the mall tomorrow,  and be home in plenty of time to knit.

I am not going to commit to a yarn diet.  (you know,  the silly notion of not buying yarn until a certain amount of previously purchased fibre is used up).  That would be pointless.   However,  I do intend to finish some old  WIPs that have been patiently awaiting their turns.  And, here it is,  the kicker,  the pièce de résistance,  I will use up all  of the stash by the Winter Solstice next year.    We can call this the Long Night Stash Busting Deadline of 2014,    or for short,   The PLAN.

Now,  its time to go to sleep.  I have to go to the mall tomorrow.
~ Feather ~

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