Sunday, 15 December 2013

The paint is drying on my frame drum!

This fall, Beadorh and I  went to our first ever drum circle .   We really didn't know what to expect,  other than it would be something new.   ...  Beadorh and I have been  friends (co-conspirators) since birth, although  for the last 20 years,  we have lived in separate provinces making it much more difficult to arrange things.   Anyway,  life sometimes makes adjustments and travel plans can be worked out.

All I need to say now about the drum circle was  WOW, it was fun,  alive, and full of promise and excitement and connection.    It will take me ages to compile my thoughts any better than that.  Since that first Friday evening drumming,  I have been back a couple more times with another friend of mine (a mermaid)  and, once on my own to a drum painting class.

A drum painting class.... oh yes,   paint your own drum, and take it home with you.     Have your own drum at home, (with a mallet too, of course)...  Oh, what fun it is to have a drum and bang it at will... of course, others within earshot may describe it differently.  .. but never mind that.

The afternoon class was wonderful.   There were only about half a dozen of us,  a small friendly group eager to make our mark visually, and audibly too!    First we had a mini drum circle to warm us up,  get the energy and spirit flowing and then it was to the tables and paints. Our instructor had everything ready, inspiration was everywhere, paints, brushes, reference material and advice.

I had seen the painted drums at the drum circle Friday nights,  so had tried to think what kind of decoration my drum should have.   I prepared myself with the Druid Awen symbol of inspiration.

I didn't finish my drum that afternoon,     but I did get it started.    Here it is,  with Awen in the centre,  a crescent moon and stars,   three trees, a feather and a bee.

Unfinished painted frame drum

Emac has been encouraging (harassing?) me to finish painting the drum.  She has been very generous with her brushes and paints and technical advice, and finally, after 3 days of working at it,    I have something  to show you.  I  painted it all by hand, and am quite proud of it,  wobbly lines and all!

The sides are dark brown, with a bit of a red stripe close to the front of the drum.   I want to eventually paint/draw on  celtic knots and braids,   probably with a gold paint pen.    There is a bit of  open space left on the face of the drum above the bee.    I think I will add another symbol there as well.   But for now,   I am happy with it and consider it complete.   I can't wait to take it to the next drum circle.

~ Feather ~

p.s.   This is what my drum looked like before I started painting it:  Remo Buffalo Drum

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