Monday, 30 December 2013

Is my knitting in tune?

I have a guitar. It is out of tune and I don't play it.  It is however a perfect instrument for this post, a beautiful model for the first of many felted guitar straps!    

For this 'prototype"  I used this Lion Brand pattern,  Felted Knit Guitar Strap   with the following mods.      Yarn:  Patons ColorWul,  Needles:  size 10mm needles, and 11 stitches wide.

Before felting, it was about  3 1/2 inches wide, and about  57 inches long (unstretched)    I felted it by hand yesterday and it dried over night.

After felting it is about 2 inches wide, and  56 inches long.    I am surprised how  long it still is.  

Now,  the strap is going to Saskatoon, to be rigorously tested.   I am going to make another one right away,  a bit wider I think!  One of the nice things about felt is it can be cut with scissors,  so if it is too long,  it is very easy to adjust!  Snip Snip!!

I have learned a bit about guitars over the last few days.    Electric guitars almost always have two buttons or pegs to attach the strap.  One on each end of the body.   Acoustic guitars do not always have two pegs.  Some acoustic guitars only have one,  on the bottom of the body.  For those guitars,  the strap has to be tied to the top of the neck,  up by the tuning nobs.     Who knew?       I felted a long braided string for tieing , but I think it might be too thick.     I might have to change that on the next version.

The felt is strong and feels good across my shoulders.  I think this is a hit!
Thanks  Emmy for modeling today!

~ Feather ~

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