Sunday, 8 December 2013

For the love of Incense

Have you ever felt a dense presence enter your space?  Whether it comes in the form of an tense conversation with someone out of nowhere or an expanded heart chakra or neck muscles stiffening..its there.  Once recognized as something foreign in my environment, I found incense a perfect way to clear it out.  It gets into all the corners and lifts out the energy dust bunnies.

I've made incense for years for this purpose and find my results vary depending upon how much "technology" I allow to mix with it so have opted for a real hands on approach.  My incense will never be mass produced.  I make relatively small batches of about 175 utilizing various ingrediants.  

I make small handcrafted cones from homegrown herbs, hand ground with a mortar and pestle and shaped with my fingers.  It makes me feel wonderful to know that what I am smelling is natural, isn't some crazy toxic cocktail that would have canaries falling dead in their cages if held in the right concentration.  It was created by plants connected to the earth; that grew in beautiful sunshine and fed with rain water. 

Because of the short growing season here, I start with growing the herbs I use by starting the plants from seeds under lights in January.  I get such a lift in the most brutal part of a Canadian prairie winter to witness life erupting from their pots.  I move them to my herb garden in early June and watch them blossom.  I have several established roses that compliment the incense nicely.  One of my favorites is Moondance.  She has the most amazing aroma and lives at the north point of the herb garden. Her first year with me, she had a pure white spider living on her flowers.  Here's a picture of  Moondance a couple of years ago.

Here's a picture of my latest.  Sage, Lavender and Rose with a smidge of cinnamon for good measure.

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