Friday, 13 December 2013

Finished Object Friday - Felted Blue Druid Bag

How about   tweed blue felted wool?    I had fun shaping the wet felt into a bit of a ruffle on the  front flap.   The  brown ties poke through from underneath and can be tied in a simple or fancy bow.

The 'process' for this druid bag was much like the others,  

  • choose the colour.   -  teal -  Wash + Filz -it! tweed color  blue felting wool,   purchased at  Make One Yarns in Calgary.
  • cast on and knit for a while...  15 mm  needles make the knitting a quick,  but they are quite a handful!
  • knit.   the knitting is loose, and it is easy to pick up and add on here and there,   to get the shape I want.
  • seem up the sides,  add the strap
  • felt.    I use some of Beadorh's  handcrafted soap, and warm tap water,  and just smoosh and rub and wiggle (technical term - agitate) the whole wet floppy mess in my hands until it felts (shrinks)
  • shape.  the wool does not always felt evenly,   its a bit of a mystery and it does exactly what it wants, and nothing much else.    so...   there is some pulling and stretching and more agitating....
  • dry.   it takes a day or two sitting in front of the fireplace until it is soft and dry again
  • photograph.   as you can see,  there is much room for improvement here.

So there you have it, another  felted druid bag.

Blue felted druid bag
blue wool felted druid bag

close up blue felted druid bag
Close up felted druid bag
I am participating in Tami's Amis  Finished Object Fridays link list here:  Tami's Amis Finished Object Friday  and  Fibre Arts Friday  Wisdom Begins in Wonder

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