Saturday, 11 June 2016

Tarot Quickies

Today was a busy day at the New Age Market in Calgary.   I sold lots of knitting, (must make more fingerless gloves) and gave many tarot readings.  I am not sure if it was just good luck, or a busier day overall.

I love giving Tarot Readings and will be doing more and more. (not just at the markets)
Here are a few pictures:

Who can resist a Quickie?

Robin Wood Tarot - Llewellyn

Lacey Wool Fingerless Gloves 

Ready to read the cards

Felted Goddesses, Bowls, Butterflies, Bags and Owls

Viscontti Tarot - Lo Scarebo

The Bohemian Animal Tarot - Rockpool Publishing

Thats all for today.  Now I have to get back to work and make more fingerless mitts - and maybe some leg warmers too!

~Blessings to all,

Friday, 13 May 2016

Butterfly Puppets and Oak Leaves

I have been having lots of fun making these butterfly puppets.  They are easier to play with than photograph, but that doesn't matter.    The pictures give a bit of an idea, and are much better than just words...
I designed, knit and felted these three.. and a few more early versions that were not so good...   Anyway,  they are silly and fun to flap around on your finger with.   I will have these three for sale at the New Age Market tomorrow.   Come and have a look!

The oak leaves are much more beautiful in person.. but it is rather hard to take good photos while playing with finger puppets.  ;)

Blessings to all!
~ Feather

Thursday, 7 April 2016

More for the Market

A few more pictures of what we are taking to the Calgary New Age Market on Saturday.

Felted Cauldron and little Succulent (photo by Angelamermaid)

More Tarot Card Decks

Rune Bag

Sage blessing our creativity
Candle holder
Essential Oils Difuser

Sage and sand burning kit

Felted Vintage Sweaters Tarot Bags
Felted Blue Kitty and Felted Goddess Doll

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Seeds and Cards to the market

Ginger is bringing a basket of gardening potential to the Calgary New Age Market from her organic garden in south west Calgary.  These seeds are carefully harvested and kept ready to plant in the spring.    Calendula, Kale, Red Spinach, Marigold, Bee Balm, and Echinacea,

Organic Garden Seeds from Ginger's Garden

I have been sending some of Angelamermaid's postcards for a few years now through ,  Here are some that she is bringing to the market.

Angelamermaid postcard

Angelamermaid postcard

Angelamermaid postcard

The Market is this Saturday.  There is just time now for finishing details.  (of which there seem to be many)

Blessings of the Season

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Rayne's Emporium: Going to the market

Wooden Ganesha

Here are more items destined for the Calgary New Age Market this weekend.    Rayne has been busy sewing and bundling all kinds of goodies up for our table at the sale.  

Sleeping bags for My Little Ponies (work in progress pic)

Faerie Sleeping Bag (work in progress)

Pamper yourself packs - Dead Sea Salt, Essential Oil, and candle

Wooden Owl Whistle
Meditation Pillow
Frame Drum
Square Meditation Pillow
Handmade Tarot Bag
Faerie Dust and Rayne's special handmade Faerie stepping stones.
Sage and Feathers
Pamper yourself
Medicine Bags
Magic Rune Bags
Essential Oil Diffusers
Dead Sea Salt

There was more but you will have to come to the market to see!

Getting ready for the market

Crescent Moon Collective will have a table in the Calgary New Age Market, April 9th in the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Centre.   This is a monthly market, and a group of my friends are all putting 'things' onto the table for sale.

We will have such a variety, which will change every month.   

For this month there are postcards, local gardening seeds, (both of which I do not have pictures yet)

I have  focused on wool, knitting and felting.   Here are some initial pictures, to start the ball rolling.   The next few posts will show more.

Goddess Dolls, felted wool dryer balls, Felted Cauldrons with Succulents, Druid bags all hand made by Feather (me)

Knit and felted wool wise owl

Close up of a felted cauldron

A wave from a Goddess Doll

Wool Dryer Balls

Felted Bangles

I have also made tarot bags out of the felted wool sweaters...   more pictures to come.
~ Feather

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Handmade Woven Tapestry

I took a Beginners Tapesrtry 3 day workshop this month, and for the last 2 weeks have been madly trying to finish my sampler.  It is now finished, and temporarily on the wall. I want to find a more suited stick but couldn't wait to share this picture.

The next weaving project is already forming itself in my mind.

Another new thing for us at Crescent Moon Collective is the New Age Market!   Starting next month we will have a table at the Calgary New Age Market.  I will share more information soon on what we will have and where to find us!

That's all for now,
Bright Spring Blessings to all!
~ Feather

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Sometimes a Wild God

Sometimes a Wild God: The book of the poem by Tom Hirons, with illustrations by Rima Staines. Second printing. Lithograph-printed for high quality on 100% recycled paper

I innocently followed a link and read this poem, "Sometimes a Wild Gold" by Tom Hirons, and am really amazed at how easily it moved me to tears. Not sad tears, but something else,  something alive.  Something good.      I am posting the link here to remind me to read it again and again,  and when I can,  to purchase the book.

I hope you enjoy it too.


Monday, 18 January 2016

Moonlit Oak Cowl - Yarn and Pattern Promotion with Morning Bright Yarn

I am happy to tell you about a promotion put together by Becky Robbins of Morning Bright Yarn  and myself to get a free copy of the Moonlit Oak Cowl Pattern when you purchase the yarn required to knit it.

Becky is the talented dyer who creates my favourite hand dyed yarn.  I asked her if she could come up with colourways to go with my idea for the Moonlit Oak Cowl.  Of course she dyed up the most amazing, super soft and beautiful yarn.

If you want to make your own Moonlit Oak Cowl, using my favourite yarn order some of the hand dyed  Holistic Merino DK from the Morning Bright Etsy shop , you will even get a  Ravelry Coupon Code for a free copy of the pattern - just mention it in the order notes when you purchase 2 skeins of the Holistic Merino DK.  

Happy Knitting (and shopping)

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Thinking about donations...

The knit-a-thon is coming up soon,  at the end of the month, and here is a post I made about it and my idea of exchanging knitting lessons for $10 donations....  What do you think?

Thinking about donations...